something does happen

In the beginning

(or just before it) there were two words, perhaps the very words that inspired this site: nothing happens.

No matter how many times I came across this teaching I just couldn’t get it. It was so obvious that things did happen every day, in fact, every millisecond of every day something happened.

After all, Time is a happening and Space is a happening place.

creative moment

Personally I like happenings. Nothing happens is not a state I wish to experience, not now, not while I’ve got a body and an independent mind. But liking happenings is a fairly recent happy attitude of mine which has developed since I crossed the 50 line. Up to then I tried to understand, survive and make the best of happenings. Happenings like

  • first memories,
    • oh! something happened

      ..oh! something happened

  • childhood,
    • I must smile

      ..I must smile

  • adolescence,
    • I must rebel

      ..I must rebel

  • growing up,
    • I must be sexy

      ..I must be sexy

  • parenthood,
    • I know love

      ..I know love

  • earning a living,
    • I must earn money

      ..I must earn money

My life happening was all-absorbing and stressful with many highs and lows and it thoroughly held my attention. Then, as I crossed the 50 line, there came a lightning bolt of understanding that this absorption could no longer continue, and this bolt was accompanied by a strong feeling of immanent disaster and the immediate need to pay attention.

I started to search and soon I met

  • a person
    • Teachers

      my Teachers

        who often said: nothing happens. I still didn’t get it, but he was, undoubtedly, my Teacher. Meeting him enabled me to look beyond my daily life and I was his student for 5 years.

This is the quest I set myself:

Can I experience anything beyond the contents of my everyday consciousness?

My experiences in the beyond are what have brought me to my happy attitude, which, if I ever had it in my life before never managed to root itself in my consciousness and grow. But now I can visit places, once inaccessible in my life of everyday, where happening not only happens but it brings happiness to my days.

this site is from me for You: my desire is to inspire You to explore consciousness.

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