at a dance

Light at a dance site

at a dance ceremony

there is an opportunity to connect to
the universal intelligence.


Sun Moon Dance Treethe Sun Moon dance in Scotland

is such a ceremony: it is intense, challenging and uplifting.


We are drawn to dance by Greatness seeking integration in our lives.

To participate in the vastness of Greatness we only need the willingness to be inspired.


What the Sun Moon dance does:

european bison dreamsIt provides a place of great safety for dancers.

It provides access to expanded consciousness.

It generously gives us what we need.

What we do at the dance:

dancers tread their unique paths seeking greater personal awareness
while the helpers fulfil their commitment to support them unreservedly,

next generation calfwe generously give all we can,

we say thank you to the Earth for our lives,

we do this for the benefit of the energy field and all the beings of our planet, for our galaxy and beyond.


3 honouring song

In my experience the Sun Moon dance ceremony is built on strong foundations, and the human dynamic is

the community supporting individual endeavour.

2014 saw the completion of a cycle of Sun Moon dances in the UK.  A number of us who participated from Year One still remain involved while, along the way, others have come and stayed.  We are modern people seeking insights on how to go forwards in a good way.

A new cycle of 16 years is beginning and with it comes the chance to experience the dance anew.

sun moon dance family

If you are drawn to join this exciting adventure, there is an email on the ‘About’ page through which you can request information about up-coming Sun Moon dances around the World.
Feel free to ask questions and to comment on your experience of the Sun Moon dance ceremony.


  1. David Stewart says

    I traveled to India about 10 years ago and stumbled into what I believe to be this ceremony.
    Outside of Pushkar, India I fasted and dance for 3 days. It was short lived and the ones facilitating and dancing alongside of me were gone once it was over.
    \I have not spoken much about this since and would love to connect and reflect with others who have experienced this.

    I will always love you


  2. The dances, for me, have been the place to meet so many loves, tribal love, love of the land, love that comes with caring for each other, love from greatness, being carried, endlessly and timelessly into all those.

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