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My name is Stella Longland, I put together this site.
These days I take it for granted that there is an enormous amount of help available from a pool of consciousness surrounding the physical, a pool which I call Greatness.
circle of lifeFrom the pool, upon request, comes inspiration to help us reach our highest potential as human beings.

I came from that pool but it was, and is, easy to forget that I am, as You are, Greatness walking.
It is my job, my responsibility, to give meaning and purpose to my existence.
It is what I make of what happens to me that is the creative work of my life.

My hints for enjoying this site are to hover like a dragonfly and to click as often as a grasshopper!

If you would like to be interactive on this site please use the comment boxes on the relevant page or post.
You can also email me: now@somethingdoeshappen.co.uk
thanks to YouGrateful thanks are due: To those who introduced me to ceremonial dancing and to sound peace chambers, both of which came to us as a Gift from the mystic and visionary Teacher Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow.

Some of the pictures on the ‘at-a-dance’ page and related posts were taken by others who support the Sun Moon dance ceremony, my thanks to them for giving me their photographs.

Note that all the images on this site are subject to copyright.


  1. Jackie Glover says

    Dearest Stella, I have just awoken from a dream, you were with me in my dream and I felt moved to contact you and found this group when I searched on google 🙂 I would like to share my deep gratitude to you Stella, for your being and my great joy and experiences I had as part of the Sun Moon dance ceremonies in the support roles I was given. Although physical health has not allowed me to be present for many a year, my soul and heart are shining with love for you and all the dance community <3 you are with me in dreamtime. Only Love, Jackie <3

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