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History of our Sun Moon dance: a Ceremony for all Peoples.

The vision of dance ceremonies that would be for all Peoples was given to Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow.
The Sun Moon dance is a ceremony born from that vision.
I know very little about the early years, as I came to know of this work in 1997, and so I ask:  if you are reading this and have experience of those years and would like to contribute to this post please use the comment form below.

Our History:

In 1999 the fully fledged Sun Moon dance came to the UK. It was organised by a group called Lodgeland who were based in Manchester, and Joseph’s brother Benito came from America to be chief.

dance arbour 1999
Several of us who were at that first UK dance are still involved today. Since 2003, when the time came for a change in location, we have organised the Sun Moon Dance in Scotland.

Our Lineage:

Our founding chief is Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, mystic and visionary who appointed our first UK chief, Benito Rael. After two years Benito appointed Paul and John Wilson as co-chiefs. They were members of Lodgeland and had both danced in America in the previous years.
In 1999 the dance arbour had been brought from Germany as a gift to the new dance. The group who gave the arbour asked for it to be passed on after four years. So after the dance in 2002 Lodgeland gave the dance arbour into the care of Stella Longland. The arbour was taken to Scotland and Stella was chief from 2003-2012, except for 2008 when Lukas Weber, from Germany, was invited to come to lead the dance at the Sound Chamber and Chiefs’ Gathering and Dance that year.
In 2012 Stella passed the chiefship on to Charlie Walker, a member of Lodgeland and long time supporter of the dance. In 2014 we again invited Lukas Weber to come to chief our dance in its 16th year, as that marked the completion of a full cycle of dances. We honour Lukas because he was appointed first chief of the Sun Moon dance in Europe by Joseph in 1983.

Our Chiefs:

1 Joseph2 Benito3 John and Paul4 Stella5 Lukas6 Charlie

That is a complicated story, but remembering our lineage is very important because it is a powerful way to retain the connection to the source.

By holding this ceremony we bring blessings to the land and the people. Participating in ceremony is a way of saying thank you to Mother Earth for our life, and the prayer is that all people may come to live in peace.

My intention

in writing this page is to put the information out there so that those people who came into this life to dance can know that such a ceremony exists and that it is open to all who are called to it.
I, Stella Longland, feel confident to write about this particular lineage of the Sun Moon dance because I have been part of it since 1999.

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