in a chamber

Rainbow above the sound peace chamber

in a sound peace chamber

it is possible to sing yourself into harmony.


The chamber that I take care of goes by the name of the Cave of Clay.

interior cave of claypit cave of clayceiling cave of clay
What the Cave of Clay does:

The chamber sends out a constant vibration amplifying the deep sound of the Earth: a sound which expresses the One Being-ness of the planet.

The chamber embodies the vibration of harmony, creating a focal point on the planet’s vibrational map and establishing harmonic highways.

Locally, like a lighthouse, the chamber radiates sound and light.

The chamber invokes the presence of the Ancestors.

The chamber provides a powerful space to explore Greatness.

What we do in the Cave of Clay:

We make sound in order to return to the beginning,

roe deer and calfto rediscover our personal voice through chanting, singing and sounding, and to remember silent sound,

to open up to the power of the 5 primal sounds to balance our personal energy and tune in to the Earth’s vibration,

to nourish our ears and mouth by listening and replying, by receiving and giving,

to say thank you to the Ancestors,

to create blessings for the future.

In my experience the chamber work is centred on the dynamic of

the individual as part of the whole.

altar for honouringmeeting the ancestorsready for a meeting
Feel free to ask questions and to comment from your experiences of working with sound in this way.


  1. My peace sound chamber experience has been of discovery through sound, journeying, drumming, movement, art. Finding new landscapes to explore.

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