to a person

cloud traveller


to a person

in altered states of consciousness.


In my experience this work is about

the conscious self exploring the Vastness.

myself as meIn this case the conscious self is Me.
This picture is where I am at this time in my life. But as we are all familiar with daily life I don’t need to write about mine here, this site is about exploring less familiar aspects of consciousness.   I present no theories and I can’t explain the phenomena, but I can share some experiences by writing books.  And I would say this to you about my experiences: for me they happened, for you they are a story!  There is no need to believe or disbelieve, but you might like to experiment for yourself. If anyone, via the comment box, expresses an interest in the technique, or any other aspect, I will write something about it.

Why I began this altered state work:

little owlsAt first I did not know but it was imperative. Standing on the edge of the cliff I was very afraid, but later I remembered that I had leapt joyfully into life and that the fall was ecstasy.
My life is what consciousness, in the form of Me, was drawn here to do.

And then:

One day when I entered the realm of travelling I knew that to continue in the same way would be self indulgent.  It was a shock:  I wanted to be the child for ever.  Even though there is a lot of pain in the process, the rewards are great and can be revisited whereas the pain is transient.  I wanted more rewards!  But something was completed and I wondered what was next…. and I wondered what was next….. and I wondered what was next……

Eventually I thought:  actually, this is enough for anybody, and I could give away some of what I have been given.

And NOW:

short eared owlI am caretaker of the Cave of Clay sound peace chamber, I participate in the Sun Moon dance ceremony, and I write books about my adventures beyond the world of every day.


These are my Books:

Tales of Two Coyotes (ISBN: 978-1-9999024-0-7)

cover of Tales of Two CoyotesA great deal of fun and some profound suffering are the order of the day (and the night) in this book of 33 shamanic journeys taken while working with various groups of people in seminars led by my Teacher, a person who often said: ‘nothing happens’!

TenThere are ten chapters in the book, each one is introduced with a colour sketch. Number Ten is a picture of the Void and, even here, something seems about to happen.


On Trees (ISBN: 978-1-9999024-2-1)

cover of On Trees
Leaving my ‘safe’ house and walking alone in remote places, I battled with my personal problems. It was a battle that occupied the majority of my attention but while I was engaged upon it natural forces came in to play with my consciousness.

ash tree by beckThis book contains photos of places that feature in the text, such as this one where an ash tree grows in a gully, its branches spreading out over the waters of a beck running down to a river in the valley below; a set of circumstances which create a place of power unlikely to be encountered in a concrete and tarmac environment.


Being of Earth (ISBN: 978-1-9999024-3-8)

cover of Being of Earth
Being in love with the Buffalo from the age of six, I am happy to travel through all times and all spaces in their company. I follow their wanderings until we come to the present moment; a place where the future is Green.

colours of the 4 directions
Colour diagrams and images illuminate the text, such as this depiction of the 4 directions.


The Messenger of Love (ISBN: 978-1-9999024-1-4)

cover of The Messenger of LoveStepping out of my cultural and social programming and overcoming fear, which is my very own, I manage to experience the help that is available beyond the world of everyday in a realm of consciousness where it is safe to be innocent like a child.

the daisy
There are many colour sketches in this book.  Featured here is one of many gifts from the Grandfather, an aid to pest control.


Taken by the Eagle (ISBN: 978-1-9999024-4-5)

cover of Taken by the Eagle
Searching to re-establish a connection to the Divine (gone missing in her daily life), the wanderer comes to the attention of the Eagle. There is no negotiating with this awe-inspiring bird, and she is taken to places where that connection can be experienced.

8 energy centres in a body
Colour diagrams and depictions of things seen accompany the text. This is a diagram of the 8 energy centres of the travelling body.

Feel free to ask questions and to comment from your experiences of this type of altered state work.


  1. You write: ‘And I would say this to you about my experiences: for me they happened, for you they are a story!’ This is such a fantastic description of what a Story is! Thank you! I feel we tell ourselves stories to keep our minds meaningfully occupied while we are searching and hoping for the deeper truths, trying to find Truth. I enjoy your stories so very much!

  2. I love this site and the poetry of the words that describe personal experience that could be universal experience. It is playfully laid out with pictures to click and non-linear ways to move about, like opening secret doors to new adventures. Thank you to Stella for this creation! Blessings from Kristen at Birdsong Peace Chamber in the green hills, woods and fields of Pa. of the USA.

  3. When I was a young mother I would walk with my daughter in the woods. She would not only see the environment, she would feel the leaves and taste the raindrops on the pine needles. She was as connected to that environment as lovers are to each other. She longed to go there, and in the timelessness of our (as only we and several hundred other people could possibly have found it) secret woodland, we were infused with the greens and with the breath of the woods, and it was blissful. I have always played in nature, but it was in observing her interaction with the trees and the plants and the elements, which was so completely natural to her, that I felt I had ‘grown up’ and lost some of that.

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